Maine Fuel Board

The Maine Fuel Board was established to oversee and protect the public through the regulation of propane and natural gas, oil and solid fuel burner technicians and related equipment in Maine.

The primary responsibilities of the Board are to examine and license qualified applicants for licensure in the categories of Master Oil Burner and/or Solid Fuel Technician, Journeyman Oil Burner and/or Solid Fuel Technician, Apprentice Oil Burner and/or Solid Fuel Technician, Propane and Natural Gas Technicians, Limited Propane Energy Auditors, Limited Oil Energy Auditors, Limited Tank Installers and Limited Wood Pellet Technicians; to establish and maintain required board standards for safety, to investigate all complaints of noncompliance or violations of board law or rules, and to recommend suspension or revocation or refuse to renew licenses after proper notice and hearing.

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2023 Maine Fuel Board Update: Click Here [pdf]