Hire A Professional

It pays to hire a professional contractor. Plumbing, heating and cooling contractors safeguard your home from carbon monoxide poisoning, water damage, sewer gas releases, scalding, mold, waste water leaks, and potential injuries related to improper installation and maintenance.

Whether you’re modernizing an entire system or simply need a repair, make sure you choose a trained, full-time professional– not someone who does this type of work “on the side.” Don’t leave potentially dangerous tasks to someone who dabbles in the trades!

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PHCC Members

Our members are licensed professionals who have made a commitment to their craft that is above and beyond that of their peers. By becoming PHCC of Maine members, they are better informed, have access to better training and remain on the cutting edge of change as our industry evolves. Each member company stands for the health, safety and comfort of homeowners and the protection of our environment.

Code of Ethics

  • To consider our trade worthy as affording us distinct opportunities to serve society.
  • To improve ourselves, increase our efficiency and enlarge our service, and by so doing attest our faith in the fundamental principles of life, that we profit most who serve best.
  • To realize that we are business persons and ambitious to succeed; but we are first ethical persons, and wish no success that is not founded on the highest justice and morality.
  • To maintain the highest ethical standards of advertising, pricing, selling, installation, and service guided by the principles of honesty and integrity.
  • To promote the latest technological advances in the design, types and methods of installation of plumbing-heating-cooling systems; using equipment and materials complying with the standards recognized by this industry.
  • To enter enthusiastically into the association work –to give as well as take–and do our part in elevating the industry.
  • To support all progressive moves that are being carried out along the lines of trade extension, standardization and sanitation.To conduct our affairs that others in our business will find it wise, profitable and conductive to happiness to emulate our example.
  • To follow and execute our work in conformity with federal, state, county and city building, safety, energy and water conservation, fire and housing codes; and refusing to be a party to any actions that violates these regulations.
  • To promote conservation of water and energy to the public we serve through improved, adequate, safe, modern installation of energy efficient equipment.